Bus service to and from school each day

24 Hour Security

An Extensive Boarding Curriculum

LAS Boarding House
LAS Liberty School provides boarding house for boys and girls in grades 7 and above.
Spaces for the boarding house are competitive, and this will be offered on a first come first serve basis . .
LAS Liberty School has created a clean and homely environment in our spacious boarding house that is like a home away from home.
The boarding house is a very short distance away from the main school building.

Objectives of the Boarding house
• To create a platform for a deeper understanding of Christ, Community and Excellence.
• A safe home away from home for schooling.
• A trusted standard for Christian boarding education
• To meet an increasing need and foster a partnership with parents in raising a Godly generation

What We Offer At The LAS Boarding House

• House parents

• 24 hour security

• An extensive boarding curriculum

• On-site Library

• Laundry service

• Weekend trips and activities

• Assistance with Homework

• Bus service to and from school each day
• Chaplain

• Sick bay

• Regular meals


• Constant power and running water

Online Application

Applicant’s Information

Applicant’s Sibling Information

Applicant’s School Information

If no, please answer the following questions:

Limits of LAS Services
LAS seeks to provide student academic support to as many students as possible, keeping in mind the availability of staff in any given year and the amount of help needed by any particular student.
Please, make sure to include all educational reports when submitting this application
NOTE:Educational report will be requested.
Please, carefully read the Application Procedures and Information Section of the application before signing this page.
I have read and understood the application procedure. I further understand that fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each semester. I am aware that I am fully responsible for care of my child during the school vacations and during mid-semester breaks. As for the application information, I hereby certify that all of the information is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. If my child is admitted, I agree to allow him/her to attend all regular exercises required of students and all religious instructions given. I am aware that the Liberty American School follows an American course of studies and cannot guarantee the acceptance in or financial aid for post-secondary education.
In addition to the application for my enrollment in the Liberty American School submitted by my parent, it is my personal desire to attend the school. If I am admitted as a student, I pledge myself to abide by the rules of the school and to uphold its standards of education and Christian conduct both on and off campus.
If any information (student or parent) is found to be incorrect or not fully disclosed in this application packet prior to or after enrollment, the Liberty American School has the right to not accept the application or dismiss the student.